Health Challenge Event

An online health and wellness tool designed to encourage employee behaviour change.

Health Challenge Event

Our Health Challenge Event is a flexible, web-based, health incentive program that promotes individual health practices through the workplace. An organization-wide event that motivates employees to engage in healthy habits such as being more active and adopting a healthier diet.


The biggest challenge in the area of wellness is participation. Typically health risk assessments, onsite biometric clinics, and wellness seminars suffer from low usage and frustrate employers who want to reach out to all employees and engage them in wellness activities. We suggest leading wellness programs with a Health Challenge Event, which supports physical activity, nutrition, psychological health, intellectual wellbeing and social wellness. The competitive nature of the challenge motivates employees to participate. All usage is tracked and available.

We offer the following in addition to, and in support of, our Health Challenge Event:

Supporting Elements

Health Risk Assessment

Our Health Risk Assessment identifies and reviews historical or lagging indicators of future employer health costs. It offers information on individual health challenges and provides ‘predictive’ data about the potential future state of an employee’s health. Employees can participate in health assessments related to: nutrition, smoking, sleep, alcohol, depression, stress and physical activity.

Wellness Experts

We assign a dedicated wellness expert to help plan all aspects of your program. We have been implementing wellness strategies for Canada’s leading employers for over 30 years. Our proven expertise includes:

  • Assessing, developing, measuring and managing wellness strategies and programs
  • Developing communication strategies and uniquely branding wellness messages
  • Benchmarking, tracking, evaluating program outcomes and building custom client dashboards

Condition Manager

We offer experienced occupational health nurses to help employees manage conditions that can lead to absence. Many employees at the worksite may suffer from chronic conditions which could be managed. Condition Managers tie in other supports (dieticians, weight loss coaches, smoking cessation coaching) to help those ‘most at risk’ stay healthy as long as possible.

Health Kiosks

The Health Kiosk, conducted by trained Registered Nurses, reviews employee personal health profiles and clinical numbers, offering insights and answering any questions employees may have. Moderate risk employees are given follow-up options such as speaking to a dietician, a 12 Weeks to Wellness behaviour change program, a weight loss coach, or a smoking cessation program. High risk employees are referred to a Stay at Work Condition Manager.

Report and Next Step Planning

After completing the program, the consultant will review all reports and findings. These include:

  • Health Risk Assessments reports
  • Health Challenge Events reports
  • Health Kiosks recommendations and reports