Online Services

Taking advantage of technology, we offer self-directed e-Courses offering behaviour change tools, health risk assessments, health change planning, and childcare/eldercare resource locators.

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Homewood Human Solutions™ provides two options for secure and private online counselling. Private Conversations e-Counselling (email-type counselling) provides the opportunity to communicate with a counsellor via confidential exchanges, similar to email exchanges. Chat e-Counselling (simultaneous chat) allows for “real time”, one-on-one interaction with a counsellor in a private online chat room environment.

e-Learning Courses

Homewood Human Solutions is the only provider in the industry offering you and your family members, as well as managers and supervisors instant access to self-paced, interactive and confidential e-Learning courses addressing:

  • personal issues such as stress, mood, alcohol use, relationships, resilience, and money matters
  • workplace issues managers and supervisors may be facing, including change management, supervision training, job transitions, and ethics in business

Each confidential e-Learning course offers printable information, quizzes and exercises where relevant, printable action planning guides that can be customized to allow you to input your own scenarios and goals.

A list of current topics for:

Employees, family members, and eligible dependents

Taking Control of Stress Taking Control of Your Mood
Embracing Workplace ChangeResponsible Optimism
Taking Control of Job Loss and TransitionTaking Control of Alcohol Use
ResilienceFoundations of Effective parenting
Resolving Conflict in Intimate Relationships Taking Control of Anger
Taking Control of Your CareerStop Smoking: Get Your Life Back
Taking Control of Your MoneyRespect in the Workplace
Preparing for Your Retirement 

Managers, Supervisors, and Key Personnel

Leading the Human Side of Change

Values-Based Leadership
Fundamentals of Effective Supervision

Managing Sensitive Employee Issues

Supporting Respect in the Workplace 

Health and Wellness Companion

The Health and Wellness Companion is a comprehensive self-guided self-development program that is designed to provide you with a personal plan of action. By participating in a series of Health Risk Assessments you will have the opportunity to: evaluate your health, get a better understanding of your health risk factor and create a personal health improvement program.

Childcare/Eldercare Resource Locators

Our childcare and eldercare locators enable you to conduct your own customized search for childcare or eldercare resources. You can search for daycares, homecare, day camps, overnight camps and much more. The eldercare function provides access to national resources for the elderly, including homecare assessments, long-term facilities, assistive care facilities, and facilities geared toward specific health care needs or cultural preferences.